Saturday, August 13, 2016

Most likely model

Most likely, though, the model is the one paying the test photographer, so the model must ensure that they are investing their money properly and wisely for their services when they are required to pay. Not all "testing" photographers are reputable, so always ask area modeling agencies which photographers they recommend or if there are ones that you should avoid. Some photographers may be new to working with models, so their rates should be equivalent to their experience.
If you are paying a photographer to give you "Commercial" looks and they seem to have only fashion looks in their portfolio is an indicator that you should have them show you examples of their commercial work. You'll be wasting your money if you are in a smaller, commercial area and you only have high fashion or editorial looks in your book. Commercial clients want to see specific types of "looks". It may be very vague when you are going to a go-see, so even with commercial looks you should keep working to build you book with photos of a variety of commercial looks. Testing is exactly that...testing. Testing how you photograph, how you move in front of the photographer, or if you take direction well is part of this "test". It's not about sitting and posing and not being inspiring.

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